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We have received the following from the RSM 4RAR via Garry Heskett re the de-activation of the battalion. 
As per the RSM's
request we would ask that returns for pers who may be attending be forwarded to: for his attention.

Official date for the Deactivation of 4 RAR (CDO) and Raising of 2 CDO REGT will be: 1500h Friday 19 June '09
Loc: Grassed area adjacent to Hindmarsh Centre - Tobruk Lines, Holsworthy.

David & Trish Hurman visited the battalion today to view "The Rock". 
Dave is the brother of Keith Richard Hurman KIA 11 Jan '69 as a member of Whiskey 2 Coy, 4RAR (NZ) Anzac

David & Trish hail from Portsmouth in UK & are visiting Australia, they contacted us via email from NZ and enquired as to whether it would be possible to visit the 4RAR memorial upon which Keith's name is inscribed. (see attached photo)

4RAR Museum - (


Although the 4RAR History Room (Museum) no longer exists in it's physical form, the website (above) is still here...

4th Infanteeer

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